#2243 A THUGGED OUT SINCE CUB SCOUTS Public Service Announcement

Hello everybody. I snapped this photograph of Ashika wearing my grey THUGGED OUT SINCE CUB SCOUTS tee shirt last week and decided that it looked so good that we were going to have to do a re-run. Katherine agreed, and then a series of fortunate events occurred: We met an awesome dude named Chester who works for Nike and he said that if we made them all his friends would want one; I saw this post by my good friend Fashion Westie, who had modified her TOSCS sweater in a particularly cool way; and we came up with a fresh new colour combo that is going to be next level awes. I’m back in New Zealand on Sunday so watch this space. Also: Girls in Clarks Desert Boots – so good! Also also: Those are jeans, not tights as pants. Holla!


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  1. Sus says

    Greatest news of the week! Count me in. Fabulous also that you’ll be back in the country.

    On a side note, I see what you mean about choosing a different blogging platform but just so you know, yours (and Katherine’s) is the only blog I will actually read in depth these days as pictures mainly satisfy…but I do really enjoy what you have to say so don’t leave, please!

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