#2244 The best sweaters at C’H’C’M’

I’m not sure which one I love more – a good sweater or C’H’C’M’, but yesterday I got to enjoy both simultaneously so it was a win win for all. One of the advantages of having Katherine Lowe in town is that we can just shoot stuff whenever the mood takes us, so after visiting Happy Bones NYC (Kiwi Luke Harwood’s new cafe on Bond Street), we headed over to C’H’C’M’ to see the stock. Ancient Scottish knitwear company Drumohr’s sweaters had just arrived and I was overcome with the need to try on every single one of them, so here we are. They come in two varieties: plain and cableknit, and each has its advantages – the normal knits are made from the softest coloured lambswool that feels suspiciously like cashmere; and the cableknits are done in a sturdier melange lambswool that has the weight of a fisherman’s knit, with the slim fit of something far less practical. I’d happily own them all, but if I had to pick one, it’d have to be the oatmeal cableknit – it reminds me of something Prince Charles might wear on a country jaunt.

In other clothing related news, I bought my first pair of jeans in about four years yesterday – the stonewash A.P.C.s you see here. I’m wearing them on my flight back home this afternoon and I’m not sure if that’s a brilliant idea or a terrible one. Only time will tell. Happy Friday, everybody, and see you soon, New Zealand!


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