#2245 The Little Brother Has Landed!

Hey so Little Brother Spring/Summer 2012/13 dropped into the Barkers stores last Wednesday, and on Monday I got to see it in the flesh as a complete collection for the very first time. I’m not going to lie, it was fricken exciting – my baby come to life! The range is a Crane/Hindin-Miller combo; full of classic, lightweight menswear, easy-to-wear and slim, with an emphasis on fit, colour and fabrication. Although that sounds suspiciously like David Brent management-speak, it’s genuinely the truth – for our first season together, we went back to basics and worked on getting the shapes right; I reckon we’ve made a pretty good start. Yesterday my cousin Nikau Gabrielle Hindin and I took to the bad streets of suburban West Auckland to give it a wear test and these are the results. Let me know what you think! p.s. The collection is titled Wish You Were Here – you’ll see why when the tee shirts come out shortly.

Worker Shirt – $139.99 and Walk Shorts $109.99.

Bedford Blazer – $299.99 and Worker Shirt – $139.99.

State Sweater – $109.99, Stripe Shirt – $139.99 and Burnside Pants – $149.99.

Stripe Shirt – $139.99 and Burnside Pants – $149.99.

Bedford Blazer – $299.99, Stripe Shirt – $139.99 and Burnside Pants – $149.99.

Bedford Blazer – $299.99 and Worker Shirt – $139.99.

Bedford Blazer – $299.99 and Stripe Shirt – $139.99.

Bedford Blazer – $299.99, End on End Shirt – $139.99 and Sprint Shorts – $109.99.

Worker Shirt – $149.99.

Montauk Polo – $79.99 and Burnside Pants – $149.99.

Frenchy Tee – $69.99 and Walk Shorts – $109.99.

Worker Shirt – $149.99. Sofia Grace – priceless.


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  1. Connor says

    Good to see the blazer in green on here – the colour is much more vibrant than the one on the Barkers website (which looks more olive). I need this entire collection in my wardrobe right now.

  2. GBannis says

    If no one has mentioned it yet … that’s a great tone of green on the sportcoat.

    BTW, would you reveal your clothing sizes so we have a sense of proportions in the photos?

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