#2246 Come visit me in store at Barkers High Street tomorrow!

Photo: Nikau Gabrielle Hindin

Friends! Romans! Countrymen! What are you doing tomorrow from 12:00pm till 2:00pm? Nothing? Good! I’ll be in store with Murray Crane at the just-renovated, brand-spanking new Barkers store at number 4A High Street in Auckland, shilling Little Brother product and doling out slices of The Caker cake and bottles of Bundaberg ginger beer. Come visit me! Make small talk! Buy some clothes! Bring your mates! Also, if you’re not too busy tomorrow morning, I’ll be on National Radio with Kim Hill, so tune in. KTHXBAI.


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  1. chris says

    We would love to have been there Isaac, Murray stocks our luxury cloth; Escorial, recognised amongst the best (and the rarest) in the World.
    Grown, selected and made from ‘go to woah’ by a NZ company, across the Planet.Just won the Saks 5th Ave award against all luxury fabric makers (jacket woven by Reid & Taylor Scotland)One of our brands is SaxXon, licensed to Brooks Bros, Madison Ave.Escorial is recognised as the serious alternative to the best cashmere and it isfrom NZ, we are also creating knitwear -beautiful!Have had articles in GQ NY Herald Tribune (Suzy Menkes) and others a while ago.
    Great to hear you on Kim Hill – we talk to NY every day we’re not up there – lots happening!
    Good luck with Little Brother.

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