#2251 An Education on trench coats and colour

I bought a trench coat last week and it’s been freaking me out. It could just be that I’m in LA and nobody seems to wear anything more formal than a hoodie, but I’ve worn it twice, and I can’t seem to get over how large a garment it is. Fortunately, I watched An Education last night and was reminded of just how fresh the trench can look, thrown on top of a plain, dark suit. (Since I’m not much of a suit wearer, I’ll be trying it with a navy blazer or solid-colour sweater and dark pants.) More importantly, I was reminded of how incredibly good looking that film is – Peter Sarsgaard’s and Dominic Cooper’s wardrobes are endlessly covetable, as are their cars, apartments, art and lady friends. But the guy who really steals the show is Matthew Beard, Carey Mulligan’s ill-fated young love interest; he kills it in his charcoal school uniform, grey button down and dark duffel coat. This film is the perfect example of the power of keeping things simple – a white shirt and pocket square go with everything, as does a black tie and leather lace up. Who knows? Maybe it’s time to ditch colour for a spell.


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  1. GBannis says

    Go rent “The Lives of Others” and then write a companion column. Who knew east Germany was so cool!

    (BTW, have you seen the neon metallic trench coats in the recent Burberry RTW collection? Wild.)

  2. isaaclikes says

    I will do that! And yes I did see those Burberry trenches, I couldn’t get my head around them though. Maybe I’m too conservative… or they were simply just too wild.

  3. Charlotte says

    I bought an APC trench in Autumn this year, best hoard of money I ever spent on an item of clothing, even made me completely forget my anger over the horrendous import costs, that sh*t goes with everything! Makes me feel all grown up too, a trench can have that effect though.

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