#2254 Tom Bull for Barkers Round Two

Back in August, when the sun was still burning brightly in the sky, a quintet of Australasians took a trip from New York City to the magical adult playland of wealth, sand, surf and sweetly-scented sweat; The Hamptons. The group included male model Tom Bull, photographer Greg Lewis, Barkers General Manager Jamie Whiting, Creative Director Paul Biddle and yours truly in the styling, art direction, production, team morale, negotiations and comic relief department. We were there to shoot the campaign for Barkers’ Spring/Summer 2012/13 collection, following on from our freshman campaign for the brand’s Fall/Winter 2012 season. Highlights included a day-long hiatus at the holiday mansion of one of the world’s top video game CEOs, shooting on the Montauk cliffs, late night jacuzzis at the euphemistically named Hilton Garden Inn, and Tom breaking the pedal off my beloved bicycle while attempting these stunts. Check out all the photos below, plus a behind-the-scenes video shot by Mister Alexander Norton. We had to do it again, right?


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  1. thecelibategay says

    Ummm Mr Likes I don’t want to sound contraversial are you finally admitting that NZ is part of Australia… Or is there a fifth Australian that you have not mentioned… LOL… Love your work by the by!

  2. thecelibategay says

    Oh well I think they are calling us Oceania now FYI so maybe that would mean Oceanian… but I have always prefered antipodean personally!

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