#2257 My Campbell Live Cameo

Hi everybody! I survived the storm; as did all other Williamsburg residents – we’re some of the lucky few who never lost power. The worst I experienced was wifi going offline for a few hours last night, but besides that, all was well. The East River did swell up over the banks, past the Domino’s Sugar Factory and onto my street, but it was merely a trickle by the time it got that far. One crazy experience I may never have again was standing on my rooftop and staring at a blacked-out Manhattan skyline at midnight. Lower East Siders have not fared so well – I have tonnes of friends who’ve lost power, hot water, supermarkets and everything else that makes life comfortable, and to give you an idea of how crazy things got in the city, some subway stations flooded all the way to the ceiling. That’s some movie ish right there. Last night amid Sandy’s tirade, I had an experience I’ve been dreaming about for years: A one-on-one Skype call with my mate John Campbell (For non-New Zealanders I guess he’s like the Kiwi Anderson Cooper?). Check out the clip here, and if you’re homeless in Manhattan and need a bed for the night, email me! I can’t seem to give that damn thing away.


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  1. John Campbell says

    Thrilled that you, and all of Williamsburg, survived. Must have been the Teddy Grahams! Bloody good to have yourself and such a fine bunch of Kiwis representing from NYC.

  2. emma fultoni says

    glad you are ok isaac!!!! thought of you last night when i caught the news hoping you werent living anywhere right in the affected areas. xox stay safe

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