#2258 Return to Oz

You know what’s weird? Walking around Lower Manhattan and being the only person on the footpath. So it was this afternoon when my friends and I bit the bullet and undertook the unpleasant task of clearing our mate Jenny’s fridge – you cannot even imagine the stench. This is day four of the power outages, and it seems as though everyone’s just packed up and left. It’s devastating when you think of the business owners losing all that money; but so so good when you discover an abandoned digger on the side of the road (see below).

On another note, if you’re in Brooklyn and you want to head over to Manhattan but don’t feel like walking, just hang out near the pedestrian entrance to the bridge – there are literally queues of cars down there who need YOU to fulfill the three-person-per-car requirement to be allowed to drive over.

We caught a ride with a young stylist named Ryan who’d hired a 16-person van for a Kenneth Cole campaign earlier in the week; without extra passengers he wouldn’t have been allowed to return it to the rental firm.

It’s a cruel, cruel world, but fascinating all the same. What a time to be in New York! I feel like I’m witnessing a historic moment.


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    No problems here on the Upper East Side. (Although, I think they’re running out of sprinkles at Serendipity) Found your website via youtube’s” the Kiwi Speptics” while searching for things to do in NZ. I will be in Wellington during a Atlantis Event’s cruise next February so thanks for the Good as Gold shopping tip although I’m more hippie that hipster!

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