#2260 The facts of life

1. Today’s the day, folks! Who will win the 2012 Erection!? (Lol, I’ve been waiting to say that my entire life.) No but seriously, is it just me or does everybody else think that all this ‘IT’S SO CLOSE!’ hysteria is just media frenzy? I reckon it’s going to be an Obama clean sweep. Obama’s got 99 problems but a Mitt ain’t one. MOBAMA MO PROBLEMS! Okay I’m done.

2. File this one under: How to dress the mannequins at your menswear store. You know those links you discover that you just can’t bring yourself to exit out of? That tab’s been open on my desk for three weeks, and it’s not going anywhere fast. Scott Schuman is awesome (he took the above photo, too).

3. One thing that’s always bothered me about English fashion people is how they incessantly drop names. Don’t get me wrong, I have no beef with name droppers, but it’s the way that they do it. English people never say, ‘Holy crap I saw Brad Pitt the other day!’ It’s always first names only, with no excitement whatsoever. ‘Oh yeah, Brad was hanging out at the Chateau.’ Go to the shows and you will find yourself a heap of Brits who are on first name basis with everyone who is anyone. But there is no one person name dropped more than Kate Moss. The other day I was hanging out with this Londoner at Barney’s in LA, and he tried on a Pork Pie hat. I told him he looked like Pete Doherty. His response? ‘Oh yeah, I used to know his girlfriend Kate.’ Kill me.

4. And speaking of Kate, have you read her profile in this month’s Vanity Fair? It’s a good time. To be fair, I’ve actually only read the synopsis and the New York Times piece, but pearls of wisdom about the pitfalls of modelling include: Nobody takes care of the young girls from an emotional or mental point of view; food is not readily available; and shooting topless was not high on her priority list at the age of 16, but she was told that she wouldn’t get booked again if she didn’t do it. Also interesting to note: Wearing the same thing every day discourages the paps from taking an easy shot; her success can be attributed to her free-spirited, animal-like personality; and like everybody else, she too feels awkward in candid snapshots. Who’d’ve thought?

5. I never wrote about this because it was humiliating at the time and I vowed to never mention it in public, but here goes anyway: I was denied entry at the J Crew Spring/Summer 2013 show this past fashion week. Don’t ask me why, but they would not let me in no matter how many tales I spun of distinguished backing publications, or editorial connections. I was not a happy chappy – I may have even sassed the PR lady a little. It took me a while, but I forgave them, and continued spending the vast majority of my income in their stores. Their Barn Jacket is my latest acquisition. I cannot stop wearing it.

6. Another thing I haven’t mentioned on the blog, but that’s way overdue a plug: I do a lot of personal styling for clueless, time-restricted and/or gentlemen in need of a sartorial overhaul. Clients include lawyers, architects, music producers and the odd model or two. Wanna go shopping with me? Flick me an email! isaac@isaaclikes.com. (You will not be disappointed.)

7. I’m going to Goa, Kerala and Mumbai in two weeks. Been there? Got some travel tips? Share them below!

8. If there’s one thing I love, it’s a small movie about a young dude trying to find his way in a problem riddled world (think: Garden State). Charlie Bartlett‘s another good one, and it’s on Netflix right now. In a nutshell, it’s a coming of age story about an outcast high schooler who aspires to become his peers’ psychiatrist. Get in the game.

9. Just rediscovered Drake. Best decision of my life. Also, since his is the music of the depressed and the disenchanted, here’s a quote that my Dad always tells me when I’m listening to Marvin’s Room on repeat: ‘This too shall pass.’ Let’s hope so.

10. If you live in New York, I have two public service announcements for you: Clothing can be donated to victims of Hurricane Sandy at the Bowery Mission (located a couple of blocks south of Houston) – I did it yesterday and it was an easy task, considering the amount of clothing I own versus the amount of clothing I actually wear. Second, Lawrence Schlossman and Kevin Burrows are doing a little event for their just-released book F Yeah Menswear this Thursday at the Powerhouse Arena. See you there.


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  1. Livinz says

    I should get you to dress my boss. He has a Versace jacket and it’s in desperate need of tailoring – way too big on him. He’s in NYC at the moment actually…

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