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It’s that time again! Temperatures have dropped, snow has fallen, frozen puddles are appearing on the footpath, and you know what that means… My beloved Chuck Taylors are to be retired for another season. Luckily in my case that season will only last two weeks (I’m on a whirlwind tour of India, Singapore and New Zealand from November 22), but until then, Clarks Desert Boots are the go. I picked these ones up in Los Angeles last month, and they’re comfortable, versatile and good looking, which sounds perfect, right? Yeah, you would think that. The problem is that before I bought mine, I convinced (coerced) my girlfriend, my roommate and my best good friend Jack to buy them, too. Quadruplets, anybody?


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  1. Maggie says

    A good boot is a good boot, no matter how many people are wearing them! And those boots look very fine – on all of you!! Aren’t you lucky to have only two weeks of winter! When do you return to NYC?

  2. dericali says

    Have you owned/worn any of Vanishing Elephant’s shoe range, that are similar to the Clarks Desert Boots? And when I say similar, I mean: better cut, more expensive, nicer range of materials, and more comfortable. In favour of Clarks: you can give them a good thrashing and they come out okay. But VE make a nice boot, and a more ‘grown up’ cut

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