#2265 The illustrator in his natural habitat

Y’all already know about my Richard Haines fandom, which miraculously increased yesterday morning when I received Todd Selby’s email blast announcing that he’d shot the illustrator, Prada-collaborator and Dad-of-one at his house in Brooklyn. Why? Because it gave me a chance to creep him in his natural habitat (despite the fact that Richard and I frequently eat chicken sandwiches together, he has never actually allowed me into his home; I can’t imagine why). As you’d expect, there’s art galore, an Ikea Malm bed (the sleeping furniture of choice for all good Brooklynites), and a plethora of coloured pencils, inkwells and other such implements. And, as you’d also expect, his 14 year old daughter has far more artistic talent than you. Check out a bunch of the shots below, and the cutest answer to any Selby questionnaire question ever (hint: it has something to do with a baby). Good times!

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  1. Maggie says

    Love his drawings and these photos. Thanks for posting them. Brooklyn is looking cold! You’ll be enjoying your winter wardrobe :)

  2. Maggie says

    What a great photo-journal. I love his art. I think the tee-shirt his daughter is wearing is divine. Are they available to purchase? That man is America’s answer to David Hockney. I have seen Art.

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