#2269 Good Looks from Little Brother – State Sweater

Nothing beats a good grey marl crewneck sweater. Zach Morris knew it, Rocky Balboa knew it, and us guys here at Little Brother know it too. We also know that fit is everything, which is why we cut ours slim through the shoulder and arm, and cropped-boxy in the body: It’s as tailored as you’d expect, but it’s still very much a casual garment. It’s also one of those pieces that your girlfriend, sister or roommate is going to want to steal just about every day of the week (don’t get angry if it looks better on her than you, it’s just one of life’s little mysteries). Throw it on over a tee or button down shirt, with a pair of LB Walk Shorts, Burnside Pants or your favourite jeans; push up the sleeves, tie it around your waist and don’t forget to hide it from your lady-friends. And that’s all we have to say about that.

Model: Isaac Silva Looker at N Model Management.
Photographer: Katherine Lowe.

Pick up your Little Brother State Sweater right hurr y’all!


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  1. April C. and Eloise CB. says

    Great looking kid wearing great looking clothes & I love how the slightly gothic rings look with the outfit.

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