#2275 Dress-ups at Gucci Auckland

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times: Nothing does it for me more than walking into a boutique and trying on everything in store. The experience is heightened if the venue is Gucci, you’ve called in advance, and they’ve got a rack of menswear sitting on the shop floor waiting for you. Did I mention the complimentary bottles of sparkling water? The bedroom-sized fitting rooms? The Gucci monogrammed chocolates? So many good times! What follows is three hours in Gucci’s Resort 2012/13 collection around the Auckland CBD. (NB: The maroon leather jacket, indigo cashmere cardigan and those multicoloured patterned pants.) Special thanks to my dutiful cousin Nikau Gabrielle Hindin for the photos!

(I picked up this sheepskin lined bomber from the previous Winter collection in the sale that’s on right now. Such a sweet deal!)


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  1. Jenny says

    Love the buttons on the powder blue jacket. And the maroon leather jacket and the cashmere cardy. The finishing is beautiful. Looks like retail heaven. Lucky you.

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