#2279 Carlos Castillo is the guy

There are few bi-annual posts I love doing more than my Pity I’m Not At Pitti series, but I’ve gotta be honest – give or take a couple of amazing images of the perfect union between Nickelson Wooster’s pants leg and shoes, I’ve felt a bit ho-hum about most of what I’ve seen in the streetstyle department. It’s no fault of the photographers or their subjects, they’re just doing what they’ve always done. It’s more a case of this: Now that imagery of amazingly dressed men is so readily available on the internet; because the #menswear blogosphere has done such a good job of propagating the necessity to dress better; and since the mass-market retailers have taken note and designed accordingly; it’s like, who doesn’t dress like this these days? Everywhere I go I see men in donegal tweed blazers, shetland wool sweaters oxford button downs and cropped/cuffed pants over great socks and amazing shoes. Well dressed men have saturated the market. All that said, the one guy who consistently wins for me is Carlos Castillo – owner of Man 1924 in Madrid – seen above in the blue suit and hat. He kills it every single time.

Remind me to go visit his store this year.

Photos: Tommy Ton and HB Nam.


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  1. GBannis says

    It seems to me that most of the street style photographers are usually photographing the audience and cast (read: models) of fashion shows before and after the shows. Bill Cunningham is the only one who consistently photographs the random man or woman on the street.

    BTW, is looking like a hobo, or a depression era ragtag youth, really the look for the Fall 2013 season? It seems to be popping up everywhere.

  2. Tj Matally says

    Carlos Castillo does master the art of sprezz very well but I wish you would’ve done one on Alessandro Squarzi instead. I don’t really say this word much, but that guy is pretty much the definition of Italian “chic”.

  3. jim says

    “Well dressed men have saturated the market” not sure which market you visit but i can do with a bit more well dressed men around please

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