#2280 Guten Tag, das kleine krokodil!

Hello from sunny Berlin! Is what I would be saying if the temperatures rose above negative five and darkness didn’t descend at 4 o’clock in the afternoon. Despite the cold and gloom, it is so good to be back in Europe after a year long hiatus – flying into Charles de Gaulle at 6 o’clock this morning reminded me of the Parisian dream; I’ve never been so tempted to defect. But Berlin’s no slouch. This time I vow to leave my hotel room and do some real life sight seeing: First stop Soto, second stop the Holocaust Memorial, and I’m actually going to go inside this time. Besides all that, I’m here for the HUGO show which walks tomorrow at 8:45pm. The team very kindly allowed me to loiter backstage for an hour or so tonight (see above) and these Germans never cease to amaze me – they’re so relaxed I swear they have everything nailed a year in advance. Javol! And juuuust in case you were wondering, celebrity guests include Eddie Redmayne, Renee Zellweger and Edward Norton. Check my Instagram and Tumblr for regular updates.


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  1. Mila says

    Jawohl (ja wohl) mein Freund. Have a fantastic time in chilly Berlin. The aerial photo of the city on your Tumblr looks amazing. Is Corrine in town? You should take her with you to the Holocaust Memorial – you will need a companion. And enjoy the HUGO show!

  2. Mila says

    Please give Corinna my regards and ask her if she’s heard the song yet – it was the first recording Bob Dylan ever used an electric guitar on.

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