#2281 HUGO war sehr gut! Nein!?

Last night I discovered that Eddie Redmayne and I dream the same dream: To one day play Gavroche in Les Miserables. Seeing as neither of us are getting any younger, I fear our time’s gone by, but I did sing Little People to my eight year old classmates in year three, so at least one of us came close. I caught the English actor backstage after the HUGO show, and fresh off the plane from his Golden Globes appearance in LA; you’ll all be pleased to know that he is that good looking in real life, he’s extremely friendly, and he believes that actors have it far easier than fashion designers – movie stars enjoy a hiatus after a film wraps, while designers get going on the next collection the day after the show walks. Also backstage were Edward Norton (not so approachable, but surprisingly thin), and Renee Zellweger (who mentioned something about a return from her extended hiatus – IMDB confirms that Bridget Jones’ Diary 3 is currently in pre-production).

I say this every time I come to Berlin, but nothing tickles me more than the German paparazzi. They have virtually no interest in Hollywood celebrities but go crazy whenever a local soap star walks past. It must come as a welcome respite for the Americans, but one hopes they don’t feel too under appreciated.

Pre-show, I hustled backstage for a look-see. HUGO BOSS’ creative director of womenswear Eyan Allen was seated amidst a crowd of models – Kasia Struss, Hanne Gaby Odiele, Tilda Lindstam and Jeremy Young included – he ordered a family portrait from a photographer who passed by. “We’ll look back on this when we’re old,” he shouted. “Remember how young and beautiful we once were!?” One model threw a half eaten banana on the carpet in an attempt to hide it from the photo. Another promptly trod on it.

HUGO is undergoing a creative revolution, according to Mr Peter who introduced it to the BOSS family of brands some 25 years ago (I grilled him on the specifics in a taxi following the previous night’s dinner). Last season Sean O’Pry fronted the campaign; next time round they’re going more directional. I visited the store yesterday and tried on almost everything within and wholeheartedly agree that its slim silhouette needs a similarly slender ambassador. Eddie Redmayne would do splendidly.

After the show – which you can watch in the video below; NB the trimly cut tomato red suit, maroon and black melange coat and those colourful dresses whose front sections plunged to the belly button – the party got cranking. Besides the brilliant Prince/Run DMC/Beth Ditto mashups and mini Thai red curries, my one objection to the festivities was that everyone smoked inside. It felt like long nights at The Strip in Christchurch all over again, but when in Berlin. (Tun wie die Berliner zu tun.)

Special thanks to HUGO BOSS for the trip!


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  1. Mila says

    Talking of hiatus(es??) how did it feel being at a show again after your hiatus of a season or so? And what is the fine white fabric that was used for the men’s pants and I think a shirt as well? Was trying to spot you in the crowd. Where were you sitting?

  2. Rebeccah says

    Sounds like you had a great time getting amongst it! Hope it was a good journey home. Looking forward to hearing more soon xx

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