#2282 She’s a cold week in New York

It was negative 11 degrees in New York yesterday. Negative 11. Come on! I’m from a subtropical country. My body is not acclimatised to this level of cold. If you weren’t born somewhere with a real winter, you grew up reading words like, ‘bitter wind,’ and ‘frozen rivers,’ and ‘gangrenous, frostbitten toes,’ and not really understanding the brevity of such statements. Trust me when I tell you you’re not missing out on anything. Seeing as this is an outfit post, here’s the part where I tell you that the only upside to this situation is layering. You know the rest: This jacket! My scarf! That hat! You get it, I know, just look at the pictures. Those of you in warmer climes, think of me in my hypothermic state.

I’m wearing: Muji beanie, +J peacoat, Crane Brothers scarf, J Crew barn jacket, Rugby Ralph Lauren sweater, Bedwin and the Heartbreakers shirt, Dr Denim cords, Muji socks and Clarks desert boots. Special thanks to Ljubo Golic for the photos.


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