#2285 La Paz, Howlin’, Homecore and YMC – My picks from MAN

La Paz.

New York was taken over by the trade-shows last week, which meant long treks though giant warehouses filled with every collection from every designer you’ve ever heard of. My favourite of the lot was the comparatively small MAN show, held at Industria Studios in the West Village. It’s a Parisian event, and most of the brands involved are from that part of the world – France, Belgium, Portugal, etc – with a strong leaning towards handmade, rustic menswear which looks like your Scottish grandma knitted it all from scratch on those cold, lonely, Highland nights. Four brands stood out for their sweet sweaters, socks, beanies, scratchy sportcoats and that perfect woolen fishermen’s jacket: La Paz from Portugal, Howlin’ from Belgium, Homecore from France and YMC (You Must Create) from England. All are available here in New York, most are available worldwide, and a couple are even stocked at Fabric in Auckland. All my favourite garments below (including a couple of illustrations by everyone’s favourite artist Richard Haines), and check out all of Richard’s illustrations from the show, here. (If the guy holding the clothes looks familiar, you probably receognise him from that blog Isaac Likes.)





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  1. Mila says

    Lovely woollens. Reminds me of the olden days – the 60s! Almost inspires me to pick up the knitting needles again. I’m guessing they’re all pure wool. Is there a resurgence in the demand for wool? Ironic and a bit sad, now that NZ farmers have mostly converted to dairy. Where is the wool sourced from – do you know?

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