#2291 My big fat tweed puffer jacket

I spent the first four hours of Sunday morning on various Lower East Side/SoHo/Greenwich Village street corners filming cutaways, B Roll and flights of fancy with Jack Tame for our upcoming TVNZ series. It was fecking freezing – minus five degrees – and I was ill-prepared for the weather. So when I finally finished and stopped in at C’H’C’M’ to say hello to my mate Sweetu, coats were looking pretty damn attractive. I tried on a heavy olive green duffle in boiled wool, but it wasn’t quite what I was after. Sweetu had a beautiful unstructured corduroy sportcoat with a removal woolen vest, but at $600, with little protection against the elements, it couldn’t be justified.

Then I found a rack along the back wall which held garments by Private White VC, a British label specialising in military-inspired menswear. I picked up a voluminous tweed overcoat and discovered it was light as a feather. Trying it on felt like wearing a three-quarter length puffer jacket, but with none of the aesthetic setbacks.


I’m wearing a Private White VC overcoat, Rugby Ralph Lauren sweater, J Crew shirt, Outlier pants and Coverse Chuck Taylors.


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  1. Tess Chandler says

    This Puffer
    is great. I love the options they offer nowadays. I found a great new puffer jacket from Burlington Coat Factory. They had great prices– I saved about $45 off the department store price.

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