#2243 WIWT – Spring Edition

TGI Friday, but it’s been a fun week. Highlights include: Krazy Karaoke at The Woods on Tuesday night where Jack Tame destroyed the world with his rendition of Forgot About Dre (a veritable sea of panties went flying at the stage, mine included); a surprise subway station meeting with my favourite illustrator Richard Haines – such a small world!; drinks and nibs courtesy of Gant Rugger, where I met Creative Director Christopher Bastin and enjoyed the fruits of his collaboration with The Brooklyn Salsa Company; and an OTI (on-the-internet) meet and greet with my new favourite Kiwi superstar in-the-making Lorde. Good times.

Now I imagine this looks like a pretty basic outfit, but it’s a major progression for me for two reasons: my jeans are barely rolled, and I’m wearing low top shoes. I never, repeat NEVER wear full length pants or low top shoes. Ever. But you gotta try these things, and I’m kinda into it. Your thoughts on this matter of utmost importance would be much appreciated.

Also, it’s Spring! And you know what that means: FECUNDITY. Good word. Look it up.

I’m wearing: Arpenteur jacket from C’H’C’M’, HUGO BOSS scarf, Lacoste sweater, A.P.C. jeans, Uniqlo socks and Mark McNairy shoes.

Special thanks to Ashika Pratt for being my patient photographer!


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