#2246 Episode 2 Featuring Lawrence Schlossman, Brooklyn Blonde, Eat Sleep Wear, And More!

Last week a friend complained that despite mentioning it a bunch of times and posting the first episode, I haven’t adequately explained the premise behind Maybelline NY to NZ. So here goes nothing: In short, Maybelline NY to NZ is a webseries devoted to fashion, trends, well-dressed ladies, interesting characters, tomfoolery, how to take things from the catwalk to the sidewalk and one shameless self-promoter (me). I’ll be running around New York with my trusty cameraman/director/guru Jack Tame showcasing everything good. Yes, everything. This week’s episode is titled Bold and takes place outside the Lincoln Center, aka New York Fashion Week HQ. Spot the familiar faces – Kim from Eat Sleep Wear, Helena from Brooklyn Blonde, Julia from NMRKT, Liam Goslett from Liam Saw This, not to mention a cameo from Lawrence Schlossman of How To Talk To Girls At Parties fame. What’s bold? Well, let me tell you: Start with a pop of colour, throw in some crazy accessories, and finish up with a mischievous sense of humour. Bold. #LOVEMNY!


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