#2250 What to wear this Spring

Photos: Tommy Ton for GQ

My ex-roommate told me yesterday that this is our last week of cold weather in New York, and while he’s no weatherman, I would like to believe he’s telling the truth for my own personal sanity and the happiness of all warm-temperature-loving people in this city. To celebrate, here’s a selection of some of my favourite Spring/Summer streetstyle, shot by Mr Tommy Ton for GQ. Like I said yesterday, here’s what to look out for as the temperatures rise… American blue denim, white tee shirts, pale blue oxford short sleeve shirts, seersucker suits, linen, khaki-cotton-everything, vibrant colours worn one or two at a time, clumpy leather shoes worn without socks, decades-old printed tee shirts, bomber jackets, head-to-toe blue, high top Chuck Taylors, Nike Vandals, throwback basketball jerseys, the colour orange, grey suits worn with white oxford button downs and black knit ties, cuffed, creased and cropped chinos and anything army green. You’ll find a variety of the aforementioned, below. Happy Wednesday, everybody!


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