#2252 Like Father, Like Son

My Dad wore Clarks Desert Boots most days of the week as I was growing up so it took me a long time to come to terms with the idea of wearing them myself (he also rocked tapered stonewashed jeans and Michael Hainey-esque herringbone sportcoats which made this fool of a Took cringe – if only I’d known). Navy blue high top Chuck Taylors are still my go-to, but they’re not the most snow/rain/frozen-sidewalk friendly footwear; I spent February of 2011 navigating ankle-deep pools of murky slush in canvas shoes, and vowed I’d never do it again. This Winter I’ve been living in my Clarks beeswax boots, and encouraging everyone I know to do the same. My latest acquisition, sent over by the fine folks at Clarks, is something of a hybrid pairing. They’re blue leather Desert Boots in a similar colourway to my favourite Chucks. Ideal for this New York Spring – it was negative three degrees yesterday. Oh joy.


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  1. Mila says

    Those are fine boots – what a lovely colour! You’re walking in your father’s footsteps. It happens to us all :)

  2. Rebeccah says

    Oh my God Isaac they’re beautiful!!! Do they come in girls? Like father, like son, like daughter works too. I fully want some! (I was actually just looking at desert boots when I decided to check your blog!) xx

  3. GBannis says

    Great looking. Are they stiffer than the classic Clark desert boots? Although I wore them when I was a youth, they don’t provide the support that I like. Same with the Chuck Taylor’s you’re so fond of.

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