#2253 The facts of life

1. Richard Haines and I have been hitting the showrooms over the past couple of weeks checking out all the upcoming Fall/Winter 13/14 menswear collections. From Z Zegna to Jack Spade, Marc Jacobs to everyone else, it’s been tonnes of fun and he’s even illustrated some of the results – see the best primary coloured parka you never knew you needed (by Jack Spade) above, and click here for more. God damn it that man is talented, I reckon it’s just about time for a project.

2. Does anybody else feel like the Tumblr bubble has burst? All those people who became overnight success stories with tens of thousands of followers never really made it out of the Tumblr-trap. I still love it as a platform, and it still boosts my ego in a big way when one of my photos goes nuts with 85 thousand reblogs, but the payoff is never as good as you think it’ll be. What’s next?

3. Was there ever such an entertaining, informative and compelling reality TV show as Queer Eye for the Straight Guy? I just rediscovered it on Netflix. Goodbye social life.

4. I did a TV interview last week with an old mate of mine from New Zealand and the final question he asked me was what’s the worst thing about being me. I answered it from a career perspective, and this is it: Walking the fine line between making money and staying cool. #Bloglife. For real.

5. Still can’t stop watching those street fight videos :-/.

6. Don’t start a story with, ‘I shouldn’t be saying this, but…’ You know why. I shouldn’t be saying this, but I have a friend who does that all the time and sometimes I just wish he wouldn’t say whatever comes next.

7. Do save a boring story with, ‘And then I found one hundred dollars!’ Works every time.

8. Ultimate jam of the week: Royals by Lorde. Number one in New Zealand! I cannot wait for the moment when it drops in the club up here in New York. Oh, and she covered Kings of Leon here. GO THE KIWIS!

9. Ultimate frustration of the week: Just wanting to buy some goddamn clothes but not being able to fit any goddamn off-the-rack clothing. I ordered the awesome new J Crew seersucker suit online in a 36R and it was way too long; I exchanged it for the 36S and that was perfect everywhere except the lapels, which gaped like crazy. So today I exchanged that one for an inky blue linen sportcoat which looked amazing in the store’s skinny mirrors, but was way too boxy and wide when I tried it on in front of my regular home mirror. Did I mention the one thing that did fit me perfectly was Ovadia & Sons’ navy DB jacket from Carson Street Clothiers? Precision tailoring will set you back, though, it’s an $1800+ item of clothing. I give up. On the plus side, J Crew’s 484 chinos in a 30″/30″ are the perfect pants rolled once over high top Chuck Taylors. Give them a go.

10. At what point do you start to feel like an adult? I’m almost 29 years old and I still feel like I’m pretending to be a grown up whenever I go to fancy restaurants with my girlfriend. Will that ever change? The mind boggles.


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  1. Maggie says

    #10 I’ll let you into a secret Ise. It takes years and years before you feel like you’re a real grown up – if ever. I’m in my 7th decade and I think I may have just achieved that status now, but then maybe not!
    #5 Time to put this one to rest, don’t you think?
    I hope you’re collecting all the Richard Haines portaits – they’re fantastic!

  2. jenny Albright says

    queer eye is the bizznasss!!! don’t u think most of those gay guys dress terribly?! in an upper west side trendy kind of terrible.

  3. Charlotte says

    You feel like a grown up when you’re not significantly younger than others in said fancy restaurants and don’t bother checking the prices on the menu thus are baller enough for said fancy restaurants.

  4. says

    #7 is the biz! I’ve only used $5 in my stink stories though; I’d say I’d like to upgrade to $100 next time but here’s hoping I’m old enough (I really thought I’d be adult-ing by 28) to censor any boring stories threatening to fall out of my mouth in future.

  5. Liz says

    When I turned 40 I felt like an adult. You’ve got plenty of time. On my mum’s 70th birthday she said she still felt like a girl. And you are a Gemini – always young.

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