#2295 My flights are booked for Pitti Uomo, Milan and Paris!

Me in Paris during the menswear shows, January 2011. Photo: Katherine Lowe
It’s always been my opinion that the thing that set my blog apart from the masses was that I started going to the menswear shows very early on in my career at my own expense. My first season there, I was one of four bloggers on the ground – the others were Tommy Ton, Scott Schuman and Yvan Rodic (moral of that story: it pays to be a photographer). It was a no-brainer:  I’d just been fired from my magazine job, I was dying to travel and I’d spent the last five years imagining being in the room as Prada, Lanvin, Jil Sander and Dior walked. Rambunctious naiveté like that doesn’t come along too many times in life, but when it does, you’ve gotta scream YOLO and run with it. So that’s what I did.

I travelled from New Zealand to Milan, Paris and New York for something like seven seasons spending untold amounts of money, writing reviews, sneaking backstage and making a nusiance of myself before I finally made the decision to move to New York and pursue a career in menswear for real. But then something weird happened in my brain. I was like, ‘Well I’m here now, and I’m working with the people I want to work with, so I probably don’t need to go to the shows anymore after all.’ Rambunctious stupidity like that doesn’t come along too many times in life, but when it does, you’ve gotta scream NOLO and crush it with a single blow.

But that’s not what I did. I fostered the thought and allowed it to germinate in my mind and grow until the idea of heading to Milan and Paris – or even the Lincoln Center here in New York – for the shows seemed silly. Why? Who knows. I guess I got too comfortable or thought that I’d achieved everything I needed to achieve, or rested on my barely-there laurels. In short, I made a few bad decisions.

And then I clicked.

I realised the error of my ways a couple of months ago, and was like, ‘AHHHH what have you been doing? You’re in the prime position to go and do these things and you’re wasting your time by being lazy!’ So two weeks ago, I booked my tickets to Europe, and this time I’m doing the whole hog – Pitti Uomo, Milan and Paris. I’m in talks to do written coverage for a pretty awesome American publication, but pretty much I’m just going to turn up and see what happens.

80% of success is showing up. Being there is everything. I can’t hardly wait. If you take anything away from this story, it’s that in order to get anywhere in life, you’ve gotta keep running once you’re holding the ball.

Oh, and amazing European brands – if you’d like me at your show, my email address is isaac@isaaclikes.com. That is all.


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  1. isaaclikes says

    I saved up money when I was working at the magazine, then a couple of things happened in quick succession that gave me a couple of lump sums, and I worked my ass off for the NZ Herald and lots of other clients to raise enough cash to be able to do it.

  2. Khoa says

    Glad to see you’re back to the game, though I can see it’s easy to be burned out after traveling back and forth for 7 seasons. One question though, when you first started, how did you get the invitations to get into shows?

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