#2304 Hollywood and the Ivy Look

A little Friday inspiration courtesy of Hollywood and the Ivy Look, which I was given for my birthday last week, and which I can currently not put down. It’s easy to think Ivy Look and imagine natural shouldered sack suits and rolled-collar button downs with precisely knotted ties, but some of the best photos in the book feature nothing more than a pair of cuffed khakis worn over white socks and beaten up sneakers, or cardigans with their buttons askew. Such an easy style to replicate, it’s all in the fit. And like Nick Wooster so brilliantly noted in an interview recently: “When I realized as a child that you had to wear [clothes], and it takes the same amount of effort to look good or not, I figured out long ago that I only wanted stuff that I loved and looked good in.” Good, good call – gentlemen, take note, you’ve got the weekend to mull it over. Have a good one, everybody!


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