#2348 Day 17: Things That Make You Scared

I reckon I’m pretty fearless as far as most things go, I can sing karaoke, public speak and handle spiders with the best of them, but put me on the rooftop of a tall building and I will lose my ish. I went to a cocktail party on the top floor of the Standard East last week, and everyone was hanging out on the balcony (which featured waist-level railings), leaning over to admire the view and the extreme drop, and I just about had a panic attack. Anything that involves heights, ladders, tall buildings, next level views or glass elevators is enough to leave me paralysed. I’ve never been up the Eiffel Tower, the Empire State Building or the Sky Tower, and I never will. Funnily enough, I’m not afraid of flying, but put me next to someone putting any form of weight against a precariously placed ledge and I will die. True story.


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  1. Will Parsons says

    Finally, someone that shares having only a fear of heights! Conquering the fear is surprisingly easy though.

  2. Lucy White says

    I never really thought I was afraid of heights, been up the sky tower, Eiffel Tower etc but last time up the sky tower for my graduation lunch I nearly died. Had to stand in the corner of the glass elevator looking like a total freak. Also attempted rock climbing recently after loving it as a kid and bam couldn’t get any higher than a metre and a half off the ground. Must be an old age thing? Haha.

  3. cat & tonic says

    Arrghh heights! So feel you on that. Not much gets to me day-to-day but I really, really hate being more than six storeys up. Got chills just thinking about it, ugh.
    Fi here btw, not Anna, just thought I’d mention that I’ve been sneakily following your 30DC and I’m really enjoying it!
    Fi x

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