#2446 What’s the coolest stuff to see and do on a holiday to New York?

The Quality Mending Co. Photo: Katherine Lowe

END QUOTE asks: Looks like I’ll be finally making it to NYC in Feb — I know you’ve posted your “stuff to do in NYC” list like 20 times, but what’s that link again? It also looks like I’ll be there for the last couple days of NYFW — is there anything I can check out without any credentials? Thanks! I like you!

Hey gidday mate! I have answered this question about 20 times, but the reason I keep coming back to it over and over again is because my favourite spots in the city change every couple of months. See below for my definitive list as of right now. As for NYFW, check Modem Online to get the addresses of all the major shows, go stand outside and see if you have any luck getting in!

1. Black Market — The best bar in New York City for the earlier hours of the evening, and by far the best cheeseburger in town.

2. Cabin — Owned by the same people as Black Market, and easily the best late-late night spot I’ve ever been to anywhere. The door can be tricky at the best of times, so buyer beware.

3. Louis 649 — Amazing little cocktail bar on my street in Alphabet City with a piano composer mixing your drinks (his name is Paul).

4. Darby — My favourite hip hop club in NYC. It’s been closed for the past couple of months, but it reopens in the next couple of weeks, and you’ll be sure to see at least one celebrity if that’s your jam.  (Leonardo DiCaprio is there about twice a week, Jay Z stops by occasionally, and I’ve seen Miley Cyrus, Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, Timbaland, Cuba Gooding Jr, and all sorts of other people over the last couple of years.)

5. Maison Kitsune — A great boutique in a random part of town, but well worth a visit.

6. J.Crew on 5th Ave in the Flatiron District — The best J.Crew in town, in my opinion (besides The Ludlow store in TriBeCa).

7. C’H’C’M’ — A great little menswear boutique with an exceptionally well-curated selection of product. The owner Sweetu is a friend and he’s one of the nicest guys I’ve met since I’ve moved to America.

8. The Musket Room — A Michelin starred restaurant specialising in New Zealand cuisine in SoHo. I’ve never actually eaten there ($$$), but I’ve visited a couple of times and it’s great.

9. Carson Street Clothiers — Quite literally the #menswear revolution in retail form.

10. La Colombe — Brilliant people watching and coffee, in that order (I’m talking about the huge one at Lafayette and 4th, not the small one by the Supreme store).

11. Dashwood Books — Perfect for presents and coffee table books that’ll make your house look more stylish in a heartbeat.

12. La Esquina — Get the Pollo Rostazado sandwich with fries and extra chipotle mayo. Best $10.50 you’ve ever spent.

13. Animals — Where I shot my most recent outfit post, and home of the greatest pulled pork sandwich I’ve ever eaten.

14. Happy Bones — New Zealand coffee!!

15. Shake Shack — If you can handle standing in line for 30 minutes in the freezing cold then eating your burger and fries outside in the elements, then you are gangsta and I salute you, but in my opinion it’s well worth the doctor’s visit.

16. MOMA — Because my Mum would kill me if I didn’t include it. My favourite bit is the 10 metre long Waterlilies triptych by Monet on the impressionist floor. And the Matisses and the Van Goghs. And the Picassos.

17. The Quality Mending Co. — I reckon it’s the best vintage store in Manhattan. Filled with awesome sweaters, denim, corduroy jackets, knitwear, eyewear, shoes, and all that other good stuff.


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