#2528 Let The Games Begin

My own umbrella started raining on me while walking home yesterday, such was the proliferation of water being spewed from the sky. By contrast, today was hot and sunny and perfect for sitting around outside La Colombe on Lafayette and 4th — the ideal spot for loitering and creeping all over the good looking humans of New York. So that’s how I spent my afternoon, with a couple of friends in tow, shouting at passers-by and drinking 1400 iced coffees back to back which resulted in both increasing hyper activity and recurring bathroom breaks. Today’s temperatures got me thinking about what to wear now that it’s getting hot, and it took me back to this outfit here, from way back in 2012. I almost never wear shorts, but when I do, it’s always this old khaki linen pair from Crane Brothers — they’re that perfect washed out shade of golden beige, which means you can throw any colour against them and it’ll be a win. The shirt is a reversible bad boy from Zambesi — orange on one side, and an even punchier pop of magenta on the other. Add on the Chuck Taylors and the Moscot glasses, and I reckon I’ll be wearing this outfit a lot as the summer kicks in. Let the games begin.


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